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Until the 1990s, it was functionally identical to the Marine Band, the only differences being the cover plates and the varnish on the front of the wood comb, and the Blues Harp's profile was thinner as well. In the 1990s, Hohner made the Blues Harp part of its Modular System (MS) line.

This new Blues Harp lost its uniqueness, and is interchangeable with the other models in the MS line, but it currently remains the standby of many players who use MS harps.

It features a plastic comb and bare metal cover plates.

The Blue Midnight was released in 2011 with a limit to the key of C, also on the less expensive side of the market.

Now, most harmonicas being manufactured from all companies are based upon the Special 20.It features stainless steel cover plates with a wider back gap for enhanced volume while playing.The unique feature of this harp is the comb, which is made out of translucent blue plastic.It is available in low major keys A through F, as well as low B-flat and E-flat, and double-low F.The Marine Band 365 Steve Baker Special (365/28 SBS) possesses the same construction as the original 365, but with low pitched tuning to their natural major keys, available in C, D, G, A, and F.

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His son Matthias Francisco Hohner belonged to the first generation of direct descendants who did not enter into the family business.

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