New york dating service consumer bill of rights aspxgridview rowvalidating example

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New york dating service consumer bill of rights

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On May 22, 2009, President Obama signed into law the Credit Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (“CARD”) Act.

“My office will use every legal tool at our disposal to hold fraudsters and unscrupulous businesses accountable and to protect consumers from their deceptive practices” said Schneiderman.Do you have the option of cancelling the contract and receiving a full refund of all the money you paid, less a cancellation fee? If the contract you signed with the dating service is violated, you have the right to seek legal action.You should, and the cancellation fee shouldn’t exceed either 15% of the cash price. In your contract, you should be able to specify the distance you’re willing to travel to meet any referrals, and you shouldn’t be given referrals that are outside of that specified area. The provider should always have an established policy to address the situation of your moving outside the area it services. Please remember, the Dating Service Bill of Rights only gives legal protection to residents of New York State.How do I avoid becoming a victim of identity theft? You can order a free credit report: If I receive merchandise that I did not order, can I be charged for it?When merchandise is sent, although not ordered or requested by the consumer, the item is deemed a gift which the consumer may use or dispose of without any obligation.

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