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Two brothers dating two sisters

” or “He’s really funny, but can I live with the fact that he just doesn't know how to dress?” Yet, you’ve probably never said, “I wonder if he has any sisters.”A guy’s family ties may not be your initial thought, but they can tell you a lot about whether or not someone will be good for you.This translates directly to how he deals with men who try to get between him and his girlfriend.He won’t let anyone hurt you or even come near you, especially if he thinks you’re in danger.Ask a guy who has a sister if he’s ever seen her laugh or cry.

Plus, she probably won’t be afraid to tell him that the outfit he’s wearing for your date is hideous.The scale includes looks, personality, wealth, sense of humor, likeability… Although we try to find the best match based on these general categories, we may be overlooking one extremely important factor.I’m sure you’ve caught yourself asking, “His eyes are beautiful, but is he boyfriend material?As an only child, I never really thought about the importance of siblings.Now, I realize that before him, I'd never even dated any guys with sisters.

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Yet, being with someone’s little brother showed me the significance.

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